The goddesses are all characterized by a very similar style of dress. The corseted bodice defines the silhouette of the torso, which is framed by a wide, low neckline, typical of contemporary fashion. The wide, flared sleeves are shown as profusely trimmed in all the engravings.

In most cases, the dresses are worn with a shorter overskirt, echoing the layered effect of the Greek peplos. This detail, in particular, is highlighted by the border of geometric or floral motifs, showing the two different layers. Some of the goddesses wear cloaks attached at the shoulders.

All of them wear elaborate plumed headdresses, including Pallas Athena’s helmet. These extravagant cascades of feathers, flowers or leaves are sometimes crowned with identifying attributes, such as the moon of the goddess Diana.

The length of the overskirts and dresses is particularly interesting, as some of the goddesses show their ankles, whilst Diana wears her overskirt above the knee, in a reference to her classical representation.